5 Ways to Strengthen Your Job Offer to a Candidate

It's natural for small business owners to recognize they need to hire staff to grow and scale. Regardless of what phase the business owner is experiencing in their business, it can feel like an overwhelming task to recruit, interview and hire a candidate and ultimately get the task off a never ending to-do list.

Some of the fear is created from feelings that the business owner will never find the person that cares as much as they do about their business and accomplishing their goals and strategic objectives. Others are a result of the business owner feeling that they cannot compete with much larger and established employers when it comes to attracting top talent in their industry. Below are 5 ways a business owner can strengthen a job offer made to a candidate:

1) Know your candidate's motivators

What has compelled them to apply for your position? Be mindful of tendencies for employers to stereotype or think they know what their candidate's motivations are at the present time. Knowing the candidate's motivators will help you make a job offer with a high probability of acceptance and retention.

2) It's not always about money

Although it's number two in this discussion, it's really the number one way employers shoot themselves in the foot. Attempting to keep up with full market wages or salaries that don't align with revenues received in your business will only end poorly for your business and the new employee. It's critical to do your market research to see what your competitors and the job market are offering in similar positions within your category of business and then cross reference that with your anticipated budget for that employee. The numbers should come close to matching up and if they don't, don't worry, there's still three ways below you can strengthen your job offer to a candidate.

3) Geographical commute

Most candidates want and prefer a short and direct geographical proximity to their workplace. If you know a candidate is crunching the mileage numbers, the gas and the time in their vehicle then here's an idea on how you can lighten that load. Look for ways to encourage and finance mass transit options. In many cities, the cost of a monthly bus pass or train swipe badge is affordable and allows the employee to make creative choices with how to shorten or lighten the burden of their daily commute. If working partially from a home office is an option, working in a protocol for this throughout the month can score massive points with a candidate.

4) Alternative work schedules

Business owners get into a rut when it comes to the schedules for their employees. Some of those ruts are mandatory based on their product or service to the market place. However, business owners that can identify low volume days or months can encourage their staff to adjust and work alternative work schedules that best match up with their home life. Alternative work schedules can be shorter days, full days off on a rotation or every week, and even pre-determined guidelines that allow the employee to take time off with or without pay.

5) Offer letters that have heart

A simple statement or explanation of why the candidate was chosen among other candidates will solidify that he/she has the background, expertise, and education your organization is needing. A genuine and well thought out expression of the candidate's strengths will show the prospective new employee that he/she is valued, has a voice and is desirable.

Business owners can down play and often times dismiss the amazing attributes of working for their company simply by letting fear govern their decisions. A solid job offer incorporates what the employer or business is offering to the candidate in exchange for them to join their team. A strong job offer takes into count the win / win situation for both sides. If both sides are happy then the possibility of retention and employee contentment increases. In today's job market, it can be difficult to find the right talent, let alone retain that talent so a solid start increases the odds of a perfect match.


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