5 Reasons Recruiters are like Drones

With the release of personal drone devices to the market place, retailers are seeing an increase in sales and enthusiasts are seeing more of their world. In many ways, the professionals you depend on to identify, engage, and hire the talent at your organization are like these powerful drones.

1) Start at ground level and launch.

A successful recruiter recognizes that each and every job order or fulfillment involves starting at ground level and gathering the necessary information, requirements and preferences from the organization for the "flight" mission to be successful. Drones and recruiters are fully charged with a power supply of ideas once released to accomplish the "mission" at hand.

2) "You've got to see the view from up here!"

Often times, organizations that have a recruiting or staffing need are looking at their job description from a micro level. A vantage point from the micro level can leave the department head or business owner thinking that the pool of talented candidates will be difficult to find. Drones and recruiters both look up above the job description to really get a full bird's eye view of what is within range. A recruiter knows that looking at ways to attract talent from varied sources and with a wider lense will yield the best results.

3) Explore, Engage and Record

The drone is a curious machine powered by a pilot and navigated from launch to landing. Ultimately, the requirements for a position and the qualifications and wish list depend on the needs of the organization. Drones and recruiters are tasked with exploring the world for what is out there, finding a good angle and then recording their findings.

4) Time Limits and Restrictions

The FAA lays out the ground rules for use of drones in federal and restricted airspace. The rules and regulations and basic etiquette of using a drone are governed by those attempting to keep the space above us safe from disaster. Drones and recruiters have an ability to work inside their allotted time frame and speak up when an organization (the pilot) is approaching an area that may involve danger to their systems and protocol.

5) Bees go Buzz

If you have ever had the privilege of seeing a professional recruiter in their natural habitat, you know that their happiest and most rewarding times are when he/she is on the move, on the prowl for talent or just zeroed in on a target. Drones and recruiters buzz around like a hive of bees with purpose on most occasions. The sound of researching their targets can easily be heard by those around them.

The next time you see a drone in flight at your local municipal park or on a commercial job site be sure to relate the machine to the amazing work your recruiters do for you every time your organization has a hiring need. The evolution of technology may one day reach the point where the drone can be the recruiter's assistant, but for now, the two "machines" will operate with an uncanny resemblance.

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